With release v1.5 additional options have been added to further tailor the digital workspace to the organisation' identity. It was already possible to choose a fitting background, logo and to configure the different colours to the organisational profile and colour scheme. This new feature adds the possibility to go even further and add the 'organisational tone of voice'. 

So if it's for instance common to speak of 'friends' instead of 'employees'; you can change the 'employees' on the home screen to  friends.

  1. Find the de translation key that  matches the item you wish to adjust the title for. Please find the English translation keys here, and the Dutch here.  
  2. Add this to the admin panel and add the desired new labels.
  3. Click 'add'/'save' in the admin panel and then click 'save settings' to save the changes in entree. 
  4. Now the new title is visible within the digital workspace.