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Though you can choose to load one of the other screens, feed or hub, first, for many home will be the first screen they will see when visiting the application. You can adjust the look and feel by branding the application in images and colours. Though it has impact, it is only part of the image one gets wen visiting the application. As important are the visuals you wish to offer on home, the choice in what widgets, sharing what data, choosing to show the clock or another visual. The power is in the finding the right combination to support what you wish to portray via the application.  

Support link 

The support link refers to the headset icon in the right upper corner on home. This icon links to the support website you are currently visiting. You can change this link, should you wish for it to link to a different location, for instance your internal helpdesk or a different service provider. 

Support is also made part of the hub. Type your application related question into the search bar of the hub and go directly to the support article explaining how to do it within entree. 


Here you can adjust the settings for the clock component. There is an option to turn visibility on home  on or off. You can set a different clock colour. There is also the possibility to add a picture instead of the clock that links to something important to your organisation. For instance a link to a temporarily shared goal, for instance a charity, where users can see how it is progressing.


The weather shown on home is based on the set location of the company in account settings, or the browser location if you have authorised the application to use your location. Currently clicking on the weather will lead you to a msn weather page. Feel free to adjust this link here, should a different site be more fitting. 


The calendar icon underneath the clock links to the personal outlook calendar of the user that's logged in. Change this link, should you wish to connect it to a company or department calendar. 

A great way to make all users aware of upcoming organisation-wide events is the widget for the company calendar; it can display up to two future events on home. 


Widgets are visible on the left of home, portraying information that may be useful for users. Though it may be tempting to turn on all the widgets, too much information can be overwhelming for users. Be selective and choose what widgets are useful or can improve the connection to users. 

Here you can choose what widgets you wish to show on home and in what order. After you have chosen what widgets you wish to show on home, go the the widgets segment in the menu and configure widgets. 

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